This past week, the Amazon phone rumor popped up once again, as smartphone manufacturer HTC is said to be working with the electronic commerce company. Since releasing the Kindle in 2011, people have speculated when a phone might exactly show up. So the question is, are we about to see the first Amazon Phone in the near future?

With this latest rumor, things seem believable. According to the Financial Times, if a phone does appear on the market, HTC will be the manufacturer behind it. In the past, HTC was the manufacturer for the first Nexus phone, and the company has developed partnerships in the past with other companies. If the report is true, Amazon would let HTC handle the manufacturing, while their in-house team would take care of everything else.

While this rumor is interesting, it is certainly not the first rumor involving an Amazon phone. Many people feel that it is inevitable, as Amazon would love to have a a platform to increase their digital sales. The company has stressed low prices for a while, so the phone could be free with a two-year agreement to get people on board. Of course, how the phone stacks up with other smartphone options will ultimately be the biggest make or break moment for Amazon.

No one knows for sure what Amazon has up its sleeve, but it seems more and more likely that a true smartphone from the company is on the horizon. It will be interesting to see if the Wall Street Journal’s claim in May about a 3D hologram phone is true, or if they will go with a safer approach. Amazon has done a great job carving out its own niche with the Kindle options by pricing themselves much lower than Apple, so a phone that is affordable while still offering a few unique options seems like the way to go.