Best Buy for a number of years has been a leading electronic retail store in the United States. Their partnership with Apple to allow a store within a store has helped the company become more mainstream. This goes for everything from their Macbook line to their iPhones. Recently, Best Buy and Samsung have come to an agreement to start bringing a number of stores within a store to showcase their wide array of products.

Consumers will be able to not only check out a number of Samsung products, but also have them all in one place for those who are a fan of the products. Named as the “Samsung Experience Shops,” the company hopes that the dedicated parts of the store will enable a person to see how all of the Samsung products can connect with each other and work seamlessly.

Along with the shop, select Best Buy locations will also have dedicated “Samsung Smart Service,” This will allow shoppers to interact with workers who will specialize in the technology that Samsung provides. A number of Samsung Experience Consultants will work with general Best Buy sales associates to assist people in makingĀ  the right decisions.

Of course, the entire move is being made to compete directly with Apple. It will be interesting to see sale results after these Samsung stores within a store start popping up. This is something that Apple supporters are pointing to as being nothing more than a copy cat move. However, Samsung is looking to simply compete by providing users with options, and their partnership with Samsung should allow them to sell more smart phones, tablets, computers and more.

The plan is to have these stores vary in size, and to begin rolling out in over 1400 locations within the next few months. Just about every single Best Buy that is being targeted will also have an existing Apple store within a store to compete with.