When it comes to the next must-have piece of technology, Apple has been at the forefront in the last few years. The newest rumors seem to be indicating that an Apple watch, dubbed the “iWatch” by following the company’s naming pattern, will be hitting the market as early as this year. The big question is, is a smart watch really something people want?

It started with the iPod, then the iPhone and then finally the iPad. All three of these devices weren’t conventional computers or laptops per say, but they all filled a need that many people didn’t realize until they hit the market. They were all game changers, even if they weren’t all that unique when compared to other companies.

The Apple smart watch would be the same. There are other smart watches already out on the market, but unlike the first three devices, these don’t seem to be all that growing of a trend. In fact, the reason why watches have lost their popularity in recent years is due to the iPods and iPhones that come equipped with a clock.

Obviously, with so little factual informtion out there, it is hard to make any type of judgement. However, looking back at Apple’s success in the past, they have always done a great job of getting a popular device right. The doubt right now is not whether or not they can make a creative, user-friendly smart watch for the masses, but whether the masses will have any interest in purchasing one.

The market for a watch like this could be thin, with many people already carrying an iPhone or iPod to satisfying most of their needs. A few game changers will need to be included in the watch, or it will end up being only a niche market item. That is just fine for most companies, but when it comes to Apple, “only” being a niche product would seem like a slight failure.