In this fast moving world, we can find a lot of communication devices, but the most typical and widely used device is the mobile phones. These devices has acquired an important position in our busy life. This have significantly revolutionized the way how the people communicate with each other. Now-a-days, it is unimaginable to live without a cell phone.


Advantages of Mobile phone:


1). Cost Effectiveness: Mobile phones are easily affordable by all type of people from low-class to high-class community.


2) Mobility: The main advantage of cell phone is its mobility, since the customer can communicate with anyone from anywhere at anytime. These are very useful at the time of emergency.


3). Slim and sleek: This is another main advantage, the old landline model is heavy weighted and occupies some space in your house. But with this mobile phone, this is totally different. These phones are slim and sleek which makes the user the handle these devices comfortably.


4). Applications: There are various corporate, educational, entertainmental applications which are very useful in various forms. Some of the applications are Calculator, Calender, Flight time, email, GPRS, Wi-Fi, etc,.


5) Multimedia facilities: There are various multimedia facility that is available in mobiles, especially media player, camera, radio, etc,. These facilities are very useful and essential these days.


There are lot more advantages that you could find in various websites. Anyhow, when buying an handsets, look for devices made by reputed companies like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and many more.