With the BlackBerry Z10 product launch just days away, hands-on reviews are already starting to pour in. The smartphone will obviously be compared to others such as the Samsung Galaxy III and iPhone 5, but the question will be if Research In Motion (RIM) can still be competitive in the current market.

The first bit of news is that RIM will officially change its name to BlackBerry, which should be the sign that this company is planning to reinvent itself. The BlackBerry Z10 will be the marquee product on the market under the new name, but a name change will not make a splash. What will make a splash however is a phone that people want to use.
Early reviews love the virtual keyboard on the Z10 due to its predictive typing. There have been numerous reviews that already says the phone has the easiest virtual keyboard to use on the market. As texting and mobile browsing becomes more and more prevalent, it makes sense that the focus is on providing that type of layout on a touch screen.

Speaking of the screen, the pixel density on the 4.2 inch screen is 1280×768. This gives it a slightly sharper display than the iPhone 5, but to be honest, the naked eye will be hard pressed to notice the difference. It is clear that BlackBerry came out hard by trying to deliver the best specs on the market for their screen and usage outside of regular calling.

There are a few negatives that BlackBerry is working with, but a lot of those can be alleviated shortly after release. While more than 70,000 apps will be available at launch, some popular apps such as Pandora, Spotify and Netflix are missing. That is simply going to be unacceptable for those considering the switch, since those three apps are heavily used. The lack of a phone larger than 16 GB is also an issue, but there is a card slot for upgrades.

Overall, this seems like a solid attempt for BlackBerry to begin building their brand and image back up. It might not show right away, but if reviews continue to be positive, people will fall back in love with the once robust phone company.