Shield Skins Ultra Microfiber cleaning cloth is a safe alternative to chemical cleaning. Unlike the ordinary cleaning clothes that are made from natural fibers, these Microfiber clothes are made from microscopic polyester and poly-amide fibers which are very useful for cleaning cars, boats, house, etc,. The super absorption quality of this Microfiber is very useful for cleaning at hospitals and schools where bacterial infection would be high. These clothes are not only environment friendly but also are easy to use, which cleans better and faster than traditional cleaning clothes.


The various benefits of Microfiber clothes are listed below:

1). Eliminates Chemicals: No need to use chemicals for cleaning, water alone is enough

for cleaning.

2). Eliminates Allergies: It reduces the incidences of environmental allergies.

3). Easy Cleaning: It cleans the surfaces better than any ordinary clothes

4). Alternative Source: It replaces paper towels and sponges

5). Time Saver: It saves time and money

6). Durability: It lasts for several years and is also machine washable.


The best part of these clothes is their inbuilt structure which lasts for long period. The intricate woven structure is designed in a manner that the small nodules are spread all over the surface of the material to be cleaned.


The two main features of these clothes are that they don’t need any soap or detergent for cleaning; just water is enough to clean things. The second feature is that they last for a long period say a few months or years. These towels are great for removing smudged dirt, grease or stains in cars, boats and houses. The absorbency of Microfiber makes it great for cleaning windows.


For homemakers, this is truly a wonderful fabric which can save time and money on cleaning the house and also keeps the environment microbe free. So, why to wait? Make a call to purchase a cloth for your house.