So, are you mad of puzzle games and own a PSP?, then here is the top 5 games to choose from, for your PSP. By nature puzzle games are played for short sessions, there are quite a few puzzle games available for PSP.

PSP games:Here are the top 10 games that I’ve played and enjoyed.


1). Pipe Mania: This is a fast-paced puzzle game in PSP, where the player lay down a preordained set of pipes in the grid to keep the water flow over the pipes.

2). 7Wonders of the Ancient World: This is a competent match-3 game, which is the oldest and interesting game in PSP with bright jewels in graphics.

3). Lumines and Lumines II: It is a simple Tetris-inspired game in PSP with it flashy background, this game in interesting to play for hours.

4). Puzzle Challenge: This is the first crossword game in PSP with a collection of more than 1,000 crossword puzzles which makes you think and solve the standard crosswords.

5). Cube Game: This is a strategy game in PSP which keeps your mind sharp through the suspended 3D worlds of mazes that is packed with various levels of obstacles.

6). Bomberman: It is an classic multi-player game in PSP where the player takes the role of Bomberman and bring back peace to the peoples of Bomberman solar system.

7). Diner Dash: This is an amazing game in PSP , where the player becomes a restaurant owner and work-out fast to bring his/her restaurant in the top of all food service industry.

8). WTF: Work Time Fun Game: This is an addictive game where the player performs some trivial, mind-bending, fun jobs in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

9). Go! Sudoku: This addictive puzzle game keeps you entertained for hours by solving 1,000 of puzzles and makes your mind to be brisk all the time.

10). Pinball Classics: The Gottlieb Collection: This is an unique game based on Gottlieb pinball tables that could be played in single-player mode or multi-player mode.


There you go; now you know the top 10 puzzles games everin PSP, So start playing it right now!!!