The Nintendo DS Lite came out with some remarkable enhancements compared to its predecessor, the Nintendo DS.  It may not seem to be a revolutionary makeover but it sure did make things a whole lot better.

The most noticeable evolution shall we say is the screen brightness.  As compared to the old DS, anyone who would play the DS Lite will agree with the enhancement.  The colors are more vivid and the graphics are sharper.  There is also an option that you can take advantage of with the DS Lite, you can tone down the brightness level (divided into four  brightness settings) to save up battery life if you find yourself going to be away from an outlet for quite some time.  On its brightest setting the Nintendo DS Lite can last for about 5 hours.  On its lowest brightness settings, the unit can last to a maximum of 19 hours of gaming experience.

Nintendo DS Lite also became a lot slimmer measuring 5.3 by 2.9 by 0.9 inches. This improvement in size makes it a lot easier to hold and to put away in your bag or pocket.  Some of the noticeable parts have been moved to different locations on the DS Lite.  The mic which was originally found at the bottom of the DS is now located at the middle party of the DS Lite. The power button which was above the D-pad of the DS is now placed on the side of the DS Lite.  The D-pad for the DS Lite is slightly raised to compensate for its smaller size.

In terms of compatibility, the DS Lite like the DS is also compatible with Gameboy Advance games and is also Wi-Fi ready for a multiplayer experience.

The U.S. version’s color “polar white” is prone to smudges and scratches as compared to the DS’s matte-metallic coating.  It is therefore a wise decision to invest into a full body protector with shield skins film.  A shield skins film will protect your Nintendo DS Lite from unwanted scratches and smudges on its body and its screen.  Shield skins also add grip to the device to prevent it from slipping.  Shield Skins is the best invisible protection that you can avail of, making your Nintendo DS Lite look like new.

It should be noted that the Nintendo DS Lite does not have compelling graphics as compared to the PSP.  The game library of the Nintendo DS has expanded through the years. It is not limited to kiddie games as most people think. From sports to role playing games to first person shooter and a couple of horror games, you name it the Nintendo DS has it.


The Nintendo DS Lite has chosen a path for the better.  As gadgets and handhelds become smaller and so did the DS.  Do not be deceived however with the size because the DS Lite is still a a handheld gaming console that packs a lot of punch enough to level up your gaming experience.