When Apple released its iPod Nano 6th Generation, everyone with the new iPod Nano on their wish list became excited.  It is quite noticeable that the device has evolved into something new as compared to its predecessors.  It looks similar to the shuffle in size and with its clip at the back, but the main difference is the addition of a small screen to act as the control panel of the device. It is like the offspring of the iPod Nano Shuffle and the iPod Touch!

iPod Nano: Features in iPod Nano

The Sleep/wake button is on the top right corner of the device instead of the center.  When pressed the first thing that you will see in the display is the playlist screen, now playing, artists and Genius mixes.  When you swipe to the right you can see the pane with the Radio, podcasts, photos and settings.  The next pane is a browser that lists down songs, albums, genres and even composers.  The final pane shows a built in pedometer and a clock.

The iPod Nano 6th Generation can be used on the go while jogging or working out in the gym because of its clip.  One of the major drawbacks however is that when you would want to operate the device you have to use both of your hands to hold and swipe through contents and songs. This is a spoiler and can somewhat lower the momentum that you may have when doing exercise because you have to stop a while to do something else.

Another drawback with this device is that if you bring it on work outs and jogging sessions it will be prone to be exposed to sweat and scratches.  This is not a matter to fret about though.  The device can be protected with a shield skins film.  The shield skins film is a thin transparent film that will act as a body protector for the iPod Nano 6th Generation.  It is so thin yet so strong that scratches will be a thing of the past.  It will also add grip to the device so sliding off will also be a minor concern.

All in all, the iPod Nano 6th Generation is a step forward to innovation and new looks.  In the end it is all about getting used to the device and enjoying its full capacity.