A Tablet PC is an slate form of a computer which is a composite between PDAs and Notebooks. This is a right choice for people who want mobility along with PDA technology which is affordable for all. There are a lot of amazing array of entertainment option on Tablet PC.


Let us now, take a look at its advantages to know more about its uses.


1). Mobility: The first and far-most advantage of Tablet PC is its mobility. This can be carried anywhere and will be very useful in meetings, conferences, etc,. It is quite simple and ease to work on it and does not occupy lot of space.


2) Used for Various Business Presentations: As the Tablet can be connected directly to a projector, these tablets can be used for various presentation from simple presentations to Business presentations.


3). Used for Taking Notes: These devices can be used to take notes on various occasions, which can be edited directly and efficiently. You can store 100’s of notes in a single Tablet.


4). As News Updater: While you are in travel, these tablets can store lot of applications and data and you can browse the latest news over internet connectivity. These devices can load the applications faster than PC which quite useful.


5). Ease to Use: These devices are really convenient and ease to use with interactive tools like keyboard and mouse. These tablets can also be used when on the go or while standing, which makes it perfect for people who are constantly on their feet such as sales managers, doctors, managers and so on.


These are just a few of the advantages what I know, you can find many more advantages of these Tablet PC over net and play around with one of your own.