Major cell phone company T-Mobile USA is the last two join the Apple iPhone party, but that looks to be coming to an end. After years of T-Mobile customers having to get by unlocked iPhones with slow data speeds, the two companies are on their way to launch official products in 2013.

Deutsche Telekom announced during their investor day event that the Apple iPhone will launch soon on their network. The rumors have been growing ever since T-Mobile began rolling out support for the 1900 MHz frequency, which allows unlocked AT&T devices to actually working on the network and use 3G data speeds.

With all of this good news coming out of the announcement, there is some bad news for some people. T-Mobile is going against the current trend and not offering the iPhone subsidized. That means that new customers will most likely have to buy a device for the full $650 and up depending on the model they want. However, once the numbers are crunched as far as how much money owning an iPhone with a two year contract can be, customers who use a lot of data might still be able to save with T-Mobile.

It is difficult to truly speculate exactly what will happen with T-Mobile USA and Apple in 2013. They are trying to capitalize on landing the market of people who want truly unlimited data plans for their iPhone. That might come at a greater cost up front, but to get a maxed out plan on Verizon or AT&T would cost a lot more per month.

At this point in time, most people who have wanted an iPhone have already jumped ship to another carrier. This is really the only move that T-Mobile USA could pull off to come off as a difference maker instead of just another carrier. Depending on a person’s situation, T-Mobile USA could be the cheapest option when it comes to a cell phone bill.