PSP is an abbreviation that stands for Playstation Portable introduced by Sony as an gaming console. It is like a small computer that is fully loaded with a vast amount of games of your interest.

The recent release of Sony PSP Slim has caused controversy over other PSP manufacturers. The PSP 2000/3000 is well-known as “PSP Slim and Lite” since it offers various advancements and improvements over the older versions of PSP.

Now this PSP comes with an internal memory of 64 MB which mainly aims at improving the loading time of the game as well as accommodates the web browser’s performance. This device is comes with a new enamel coat which protects the device from scratches and smudges.

This new model comes with a new UMD loading tray and also has improved its AV output for video and game play. The graphics on this PSP is slightly good and less reflective. The control buttons for this PSP are placed on tad surface. It is excellent device for performing various multimedia operations.

There are various other features that is noticeable and impressive about this game console. So if you are searching for the best game console, this go for Sony PSP Slim 200 is the best one.