Are you a Harry Potter fan? Then you will definitely love this LEGO version of Harry Potter 1-4 series game. As we all know that J.K. Rowling has delivered this interesting Harry Potter to the bookstores, now you can get video games, movies, toys that relates the Harry Potter story.

Sony PSP Game: INstructions for “LEGO Harry Potter year 1-4 Story” Sony PSP Game

In this Sony PSP Game, you will take the role of Harry Potter, who will explore the winding halls of sorcerer school Hogwarts and held enact Traveler’s Tales which based on first four stories. You will start to learn spells, brews potions and relieve all the adventures in Harry Potter step by step.

The high speed platform of Sony PSP Game has replaced the measures of adventures and actions in this Sony PSP Game with increased puzzle solving games along with Harry Potter series. You’ll have to use your stealth in the Sony PSP Game have to control your movements and also keep-up the timing so as to avoid being caught outside your dorm at night. You also control your co-stars like Hermione and Ron and make them to escape from tricky mazes and also solve various others tasks too.

As a conclusion, I would tell that LEGO Harry Potter game is a friendly game which is the best for youngsters who love Harry Potter Series. Fans of  Sony PSP Game will be pleased with this flawless Harry Potter story experience that satisfies the people’s of all ages.