Sony PSP is a hand held device which is used for playing games, watching videos and also for capturing images. This PSP also plays music file of all formats like MP3, WAVs, WMAs, MP4, etc,. This PSP can be used to create slid show of the photos. Hence those who are having this Sony PSP must have PSP accessories to make the PSP look better, sound better as well as controlled effectively.

Sony PSP Accessories:

There are various accessories that are available for Sony PSP. These accessories are very essential because it safe-guards and protects the PSP from scratches and also improves the functionality of this gaming console.


The most common and essential accessories for this PSP are listed below:

1). The Crystal Case – It is designed to protect the whole PSP from dust and scratches.

2). Skins & Decals – Used to enhance the PSP aesthetic feel.

3). Faceplates – It is used to improve the general look of the PSP.

4) Speaker Docks – It is used to achieve stereo sounds from PSP while watching movies using remote control.

5). Camera – This is an optional add-on with 2MP camera which produces high-quality pictures and images.

6). Battery Chargers – This is mainly used to charge the batteries.

7). Screen Protectors – It is used to protect the PSP from scratches.

8). Digital Headphones – It is used for strong sound quality while playing games.

9). Sony PSP Media Manager – This software is used to transfer movies, images from PC  to PSP.

10). Play on TV – This adapter helps the user stream your video and games into the TV.

11). PSP Joystick – It is used to enrich the gaming experience of the user.

12). Memory Stick – This accessorize your PSP with 2GB, 4GB, 8GB or 16 GB memory stick.

Hence purchase these accessories that are really needed for the system to function effectively.