What is PSP?

PSP stands for “Play Station Portable”, which was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Company U.S.and was released on 24th of March, 2005 for entertainment purpose.  This came with 32MB RAM, 480×272 TFT LCD, 802.11b WiFi connection, along with 4.3 inches screen. This allows the users to view Photos, play Music, watch pre-recorded and live Television, access Internet, etc,.

The Sony PSP was first released inJapanfor gaming purpose. In September 2007 Sony released a PSP that was thin, light-weight with everlasting battery backup. Now, the latest Sony PSP consist of 960×544 multi-touch screen, 802.11 b/n/g WiFi Bluetooth, 3G, along with Front & Rear cameras.


What is Shield Skin?

A Shield Skin is a full body protector which fits perfectly on any mobiles, iPads, PSPs, etc,. These skins are easy to install and are barely noticeable after installation. This shield skin was originally developed for military purpose, which protected the leading edges of helicopter blades.


Advantages of Shied Skin:

1)      It is strong durable, water-resistant, ultra-thin

2)      Compactable and Custom Designed

3)      Easy to install, remove and re-install

4)      Perfect fit: precisely designed to fit Sony PSP.

5)      Scratch- proof, also protects from scuffs and scrapes

6)      It is invisible, so one cannot say that the PSP is with Shield skin.

7)      Skin fills 99% of existing scratches

8)      No de-coloration of top layer

9)      PSP look will not be changed

10)  Supports multi-touch and retina display.

11)  Cameras are not affected

12)  Users experience in PSP will not change

13)  No orange peel which ruins the look of PSP

14)  Carbon Fiber texture gives your device a superior and a high-tech look

15)  Smooth and non-sticky surface.

So Shield skin is essential to protect your costly and valuable Sony play stations from scratches. Each and everyone who is having a portable play-station must install this Shield skin to make your PSP more effective.