A Tablet is a mobile computer which is larger than the mobile phone that primarily operated via touching the screen. In the year of 2000, Microsoft attempted to design a Microsoft Tablet PC, which failed in 2002. Later in April 2010 Apple Inc released the iPad, a tablet computer for media consumption.

An Apple Tablets resemble a bigger version of iPod touch along with touch screen facility. It consist of 1GHz Apple A4 Processor, its IPS display screen size is of 9.7 inches, has a flash storage capacity of 16 GB to 64 GB, supports Bluetooth v2.1, also has GPS digital compass. It runs on the same Mac OSX as iPad and which is incredibly thin and user friendly.

Apple Tablets: Features of Apple Tablets

There are various features that are associated with these Apple Tablets, namely web browsing, email, Photos, Videos, Music, games and e-Books. Another main feature of Apple Tablets are the power management; it comes with a peripheral which can be plugged for charge. It consist of an advanced anti-theft system, which scans the user’s fingerprint, if an unauthorized finger touches the screen it automatically takes the picture of the person and email the photo to the owner. There are more advantages that can be listed in pages, hence this valuable device must be protected from the various damages that may occur via water, oil, scratch, etc,.

Shield skin for Apple Tablets provide an fashionable and stylish protection for these Tablets, that perfectly fits both the side (front and back) and  makes the device to look trendy. This skin acts as an water-proof agent which does not allow water to enter into the tablet. The scratches that could be found in one’s tablet can be covered using this skin. This skin is invisible and hence one cannot find that the Apple Tablets is covered with shield skin.

Since Apple Inc always take a very secretive approach to products, the rumors of tablets are out in open, and one cannot tell whether it is true or not. So the main point is those who posses these Apple Tablets must have shield skin to protect the system to increase its ability and life-time.