Apple and Samsung have not been on the best of terms to say the least in recent months. The two companies have spent quite a bit of time in court over various patent issues, causing both to take shots at the other. With the release of the iPhone 5, Samsung’s Galaxy S III was compared right away. So how do the two match up?

Samsung almost instantly began releasing commercials mocking the lines iPhone releases are famous for. In the ads, those with the new Samsung device are enjoying many of the new iPhone features already. Unfortunately, early sales results tend to show that while Samsung continues to try and sway people away from Apple, the iPhone is as strong as ever.

When the iPhone 5 officially released, it set a first week record for worldwide sales. While both parties are trying to find a way to create ways to ban or limit the innovations each other use, the most current smartphone battle is still alive and well. Reports came out recently that the iPhone 5 already has more web usage than Samsung Galaxy S III, despite only being out three weeks compared to months.

So how do the two newest smartphone releases compare to each other? The first thing people notice is that, even with a bigger screen size for the iPhone 5, it still does not showcase the same size as the Galaxy S III and its 4.8 inch screen. The size of a phone’s screen really comes down to preference, but one of the complaints from many people is that Samsung’s offering is too big.

Operating systems continue to do battle as well, but at this point in smartphones, it really comes down to iOS vs. Android. Most have already picked the operating system they enjoy the best and will continue to use what works for them. Android is always going to have more options, but iOS continues to push the envelope as well, and it is designed specifically for this phone.

The Samsung-Apple feud is not going to end any time soon. From a consumer’s perspective, losing patents could be detrimental to both companies in future generations. No matter what company you side with, competition is always good. The Samsung-Apple rivalry should only push the two companies harder in the smartphone and tablet wars.