When it comes to technology, companies have long taken direct shots at each other to try and get a leg up on the competition. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 commercials do just that, but the question is, are they serving a purpose?

The most prominent new commercial is a long one, highlighting not only great features of the Galaxy S4, but the downfalls of the iPhone. As the video below shows, the commercial sets the scene at a graduation party. All of the hip young adults have the Galaxy S4, while the iPhone is perceived as backwards and for old people.

There are a bunch of other various Samsung commercials as well that act as spinoffs of the original. They are often shorter in length, and usually focus on one feature instead of a bunch at a time. The goal of each commercial clearly is to showcase the Galaxy as a phone that has “cool” features people actually want to utilize when they are able to.

Some of the features highlighted in the commercial include: air gestures to read messages and answer calls, S Beam functionality to share files and the ability to control televisions like you would with a remote. While all of these features are nice, nothing absolutely wows the user in a way that they must pick one up.

While some Apple fans might feel as though this way of marketing is foul play, it is certainly nothing new. The phone wars continue to heat up, most notably between Samsung and Apple, and they don’t seem to be ending any time soon. The two companies will continue to try and sway people one way or another who are still on the fence, while those who have committed to one or the other can sit back and check out the new features passively.

Below are the YouTube links to some of the video advertisements that are currently being shown around the United States.