Right before the much anticipated update to the iPhone, Samsung has beaten Apple to the punch with an announcement of their own. The new Galaxy Note 3 was revealed this week, and fans of the phone/tablet (phablet) series will be pleased to see some pretty impressive upgrades overall.

As soon as a person picks up the latest version of the Galaxy Note, they will notice a slight difference in both weight and overall design. The phone has shed about half an ounce, which does not seem like much until a person holds it. The display is bigger than ever, with a 5.7 inch full HD screen. However, Samsung was able to shrink the size of the unit overall slightly.

Under the hood, the CPU has been bumped up pretty significantly for LTE customers. The 2.3 GHz quad-core Krait 400 is a pretty big step forward when compared to the 1.6 GHz quad core ARM Cortex-A9. Users will notice quite a difference, especially when multiple applications are being run at once.

Another pretty significant upgrade for customers comes in the form of the back camera on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. As more and more people ditch stand-alone cameras all together, they are looking for a phone that is capable of taking high-quality images. The 13 MP with 4K video recording provides a sharp image under just about any type of condition out there.

Of course, Samsung released the newest Galaxy Note to go head-to-head with the much anticipated iPhone announcement next week. While the Note will always be the better option when it comes to the size and sharpness of the screen, some people still feel as though the phone is bulky. This is not even factoring in those people who wish to stay away from the Android OS. We are definitely in the heart of the fall releases, but until they hit the open market, people will just have to go off of the specifications announced regarding the Note. It’s a solid upgrade, but not something that seems to really grab non-Note users to try it.