When Apple announced that the new iPhone 5 would be taller than previous generations, the newest release meant that everyone was forced to find a new customized invisible skin or cover that fit.

The newest iPhone stretched the screen, which meant that the phone itself is no longer 4.5 inches tall (like the 4 and 4s). The iPhone 5 added .37 inches in height, while losing a small .07 inches in depth. Surprisingly, the phone itself is close to one ounce lighter thanks to some under the hood improvements.

As is the case with any new phone release, suppliers have been working around the clock to meet demand when it comes to a proper shield or skin for the iPhone 5. While Apple continues to make improvements as far as durability is concerned, it is still a major issue for people when they spend hundreds of dollars on a phone.

There have already been several reports of users finding the back of the iPhone 5 very prone to scratches on the aluminum finish. While this does not ruin the ability of the cell phone, it does make a nice new device look worn down rather quickly. It seems as though getting an iPhone invisible skin or some other type of protection is the only way to go for those who use their phone throughout the day.

In the past, Apple has opted for stainless steel. This was a type of material that Steve Jobs enjoyed using because it aged well. The aluminum casing has been met with criticism, but it remains to be seen if anything will be done about it.

All in all, the iPhone 5 is getting positive reviews. Customers do not want to ruin their investment, so a skin or case just makes sense. Protecting the phone right away also helps the phone keep its value for the future in case a person decides to sell or trade it for the next version.