In recent times the designs of mobile phones, game consoles and handheld gaming devices somewhat lean towards making the devices slimmer than their predecessors.  The Sony PSP Slim 2000 is no exception to this evolution.

The very obvious enhancement is its slimmer design.  It measures 169.4 by 18.6 by 71.4 millimeters.  With this slim design, the weight has also been reduced to about 200 grams considering the memory stick, battery and the game disc already taken into account.  Other than that, the outlook is very similar to the other PSP.  The 4.3 inch LCD is still as it is, surrounded by controls on the sides, the bottom part and two shoulder buttons along the top edges of the device.  The button layout is a familiar interface for Playstation fanatics as it is modeled out from the standard Playstation controller.  The four way directional buttons on the left and the square, triangle, circle and cross buttons on the right.  The lower left part of the front face of the device features an analog thumb stick for accurate and precise movements.  The bottom of the screen is lined up with media controls like the select, start, volume, brightness and the “home” button”.

The back side of the PSP Slim 2000 has been literally “flattened” as compared to the earlier PSP version which has a rounded contoured back.  The skin of the new PSP is smoother than the old version.  This may be good for some but may pose a disadvantage for the sweaty palmed gamer.  Most people may invest on a case to act as a grip and a protector at the same time or go for something slimmer and something more transparent such as a shield skins film.  The shield skins film is known as a body and screen protector for devices such as cell phones and gaming gadgets like the Sony PSP Slim 2000.  A Shield skins film was originally used to protect military helicopter blades from damage caused by external elements.  The film has a self healing capacity that can hide all sorts of scratches and smudges making your device look like new.  So for those of you who want a clean protective film then a shield skin screen protector is a must.

The new look of the Sony PSP is a step forward to the future as gadgets and gizmos become compact and more handy.  The size however does not compromise the already powerful Sony PSP engine.