iPod nano 2nd Gen

Apple iPod nano 2nd Gen


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Product Description

Have you been looking for the perfect cover or case for your Apple iPod Nano 2nd Generation? One that will allow you to show it off while still providing protection from scratches, scuffs and scrapes? Look no
further, Shield Skins is a strong, protective, invisible film that is custom designed to fit your Apple iPod Nano 2nd Generation.

The Shield Skins film is so strong it was originally used in the military to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades from flying debris. Now we are offering this same technology for your
Apple iPod Nano 2nd Generation.

Our exclusive design is the best on the market. Its self-healing properties make it nearly impossible to damage and it is invisible so you will never know it is there. Your Apple iPod Nano 2nd Generation will stay
looking as good as it did the day you took it out of the box.