Apple iPhone 6s


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Shield Skins provides the ultimate full body and screen protection for your Apple iPhone 6s. The material used to protect the phone is the same material the military uses to protect their helicopter blades from debris. This makes your fragile, brand new iPhone protected from anything thrown its way as you go about your daily life. Simply put, this iPhone screen protector makes sure your investment stays in perfect shape.

Each cell phone screen protector provided by Shield Skins is custom designed to fit the iPhone 6s (or any phone you currently have). It is extremely important for a cover to fit a phone snug, or it becomes useless. They also need to be durable. If people are expecting to get two years of their phone, they should also expect two years at the very least from their protection. Shield Skins like this body and screen protector can have plenty of life left even when it is time for your phone upgrade.

When you put this screen protector and cover to work after a drop or accident, Shield Skins products like this one utilize self-healing properties to make it as good as new. This is a great feature since it is inevitable to have minor accidents from time to time when you carry your phone around everywhere. Instead of worrying, the cover makes it look like nothing happens.

To top things off, this antiglare screen protector is clear and invisible, meaning everyone can see the beauty of the iPhone instead of an oddly colored case. After all, people buy Apple products in part because they look good. If you can protect your phone and keep the same look of the phone thanks to invisible coverage, you have the best of both worlds. Shield Skins provides the best screen protector on the market at a competitive price.