Last week, all of the latest buzz surrounded the upgrades storage for the iPad 4. The common thought with the announcement was that all March release rumors for the iPad 5 were officially dead. That appears to be true, as more information from a variety of sources are pointing to a newly designed, upgraded iPad 5 set for a fall 2013 release.

The iPad, and more recently the iPad mini, continues to the ride the tablet wave sweeping across the world. With such positive feedback on the form factor and price point of the iPad mini, it appears that Apple will be following a similar design for the iPad 5.

Several mock ups released on the internet by reliable sources have shown the iPad 5 to be nearly identical in the look of the mini, except for the obviously larger 9.7 inch screen size. Users who have gone into stores to see both products side by side will instantly notice the much larger right and left bezels on the iPad. Those will be reduced, making it much easier to hold with just a single hand.

With the iPad being reduced in size so much, the inside of the popular tablet will more than likely be configured in a different way. That usually is cause for a little bit of concern, especially if the battery size has to be altered in any way. One of the draws to both the iPad and the iPad mini is the excellent battery life.

Finally, all signs seem to indicate that the release later in the year will have 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB options. The 16 GB option is becoming way too small forĀ  the majority of users. As applications begin to take advantage of the Retina displays on numerous Apple products, they will continue to grow in size. Other specifications might also be altered, but form factor will likely be the biggest selling point in what should be a much-anticipated reveal later in 2013.