Microsoft Zune is a digital media player which durable, cost-efficient and versatile. This media player has changed the look of Apple iPod in the market. This media player was announced to the media market on November 14, 2006 by Microsoft. This is a portable device that plays files related to media.

Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune: Below are the some of the comparisons

1). Appearance: A Zune player appears to be sexy, slim and sleek which gives it an expensive look, whereas Apple iPod have a curvy chrome body which is handful to hold on.
2). Display: The Landscape and portrait display mode is present in Zune player whereas in Apple iPod portrait display mode is absent, that is the movies can be watched only in Landscape mode.
3). Storage: The zune player can store data up to 80 GB where Apple iPod can be extended upto 160 GB. Around 20,000 songs can be stored in zune player, but in iPod we can store upto 40,000 songs.
4). Game Playing: This feature is absent in zune but the player can be modified to make it capable of playing games. Where Apple iPod comes with built-in games and we can also download our favorite games for our iPod.
5). Media Formats : Zune player supports only few native video formats like WMV, H.264, MP4, whereas iPod classic supports various others formats like mov, m4v, etc,. Even in audio formats Apple iPod supports various formats than zune player.
6). Battery life: Zune player can play 30 hours of songs and 4 hours of video in one battery life, whereas iPod can play 30 hours of songs  and 5 hours of videos in one single battery life.
7). Wi-Fi option: Zune player supports Wi-Fi option, whereas this is absent in iPod player. The software for Zune player can be downloaded in online store, but for iPod it can be downloaded in iTunes stores.

According to this comparisons of Microsoft zune player and Apple iPod, I would like to say that iPod is the best media player for those who love to watch TV shows in portable device, and for those who love  to share their music, photo, videos with others using social media zune player is the best choice.