After months of speculation and rumors, Apple made things official yesterday by announcing the newest iPhone 5. Like previous releases from Apple, the company has made some minor tweaks and improvements without reinventing the basic overall look and feel that has made it the most popular smartphone on the market.

Right away, the most extreme change in the iPhone 5 is the extra half inch of screen height. This change should please those who enjoy video on their smartphones, as the iPhone 5 will now inch closer to a true 16:9 aspect ratio for their screen.

Overall, Apple has released that the iPhone 5 is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the previous release, the iPhone 4S. These changes could be made thanks to overall improvements in technology, most notably the integration of the touch sensors into the display instead of a separate layer.

The other change people will notice when first picking up the new iPhone 5 is the dock connector, as well as the location of the headphone jack. The new Apple Lightening connector for the iPhone 5 (and presumably every future iOS product in the near future) is smaller than the previous connectors. The connector will attach to a port on the bottom of the phone, where the headphone jack is also now located.

Finally, connectivity on all networks around the work just got a little bit easier, as the iPhone 5 will be the first iPhone to feature LTE connectivity. This feature will make using data much smoother and easier while on the go. Internet speed increases will not be limited to mobile data either, as the iPhone 5 will also come with improved wifi connectivity.

Many people were looking forward to the changes implemented in the iPhone 5. The new screen size will be the first thing many people notice with the newest model, but the more subtle upgrades in speed and performance should make the iPhone 5 another hit for Apple.