At the annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, Apple announced several new pieces of information for fans of the company to get excited about. Perhaps the one announcement that will effect the most amount of people is the release of iOS 7. With a complete design overhaul to go along with true multitasking and a control center, Apple hopes to enhance the user experience even more while meeting some of the most common requests owners have made.

Launching sometime this fall, Apple has stated that this is the biggest change to iOS since Apple first released the iPhone. While that statement might be both exciting and intimidating, Apple has also stated that it will not be so different that people will have to learn how to use their device all over again.

Right away, people will notice a more translucent approach when it comes to the design. Several of the pre-installed applications will also be redesigned to really show off this new look and make it unique.

Multitasking has always been one thing that Apple has lagged behind the competition with, but the company hopes that iOS 7 will help them catch up a bit. The notification and control center is now much more user-friendly, allowing people to view important content quicker and easier than ever before. Preview screens will be shown for apps that are open but running in the background, allowing for easier access when switching around. Also, apps will update when idle, based on algorithms developed by the company that determine when a person does and does not use it. To put into Layman’s terms, multitasking will actually be true multitasking with the newest update.

Safari updates, improved Airdrop, new Camera features and a new version of Siri are just some of the other highlights expected to come with the update. Other tweaks and under the hood changes will also be made, but the average user will not notice. All in all, iOS 7 seems like a very focused update that will help prevent Apple from becoming boring and stale. Most users will only truly appreciate about half of the updates, but there are enough changes for everyone that will make the user experience better than ever.

Stay tuned for more firm release dates in the future from Apple and on Shield Skins.