Do you own Motorola Xoom the most stunning and stylish gadget. Then you should know the method to protect your device with few accessories. This is an expensive consumer electronics which has to be protected properly by choosing proper skin from scratches, nicks, etc,.

Some of these covers are made up of light silicone material, which are flexible and durable and is very compact for your Xoom. These covers are of small price which protect the device and also prevent your device from surface damages. These covers also make your device more versatile, makes it easy to transport the device from one place to another without any scratches.

Consider the following five cases while buying cover for your Motorola Xoom:

1). Shield Skin Cover: This is a strong invisible skin that protects your device from scratches, scuffs and fits your device without any overwhelming. There are various models, styles and designs that are available for your device to choose from. It is a good product to protect your investment while remaining stylish at the same time.

2). rooCase Leather Case: This is an removable leather case with different styles and designs and is convenient in viewing, reading and watching videos, images, books, etc,.

3). LogicSell Case:  This is an caring case that fits tablet and is of high quality and protective.

4). Navitech Black Genuine Leather Case: This is an leather-clad cover with tons of style and sleekness that protects your tablet from scratches, nicks, falls and bumps.

5). Bear Motion Case: Manufactured by Ebiz LLC that is protective one and specially developed for Motorola Xoom with high quality and design.

Here we go, now you know the best cases for your costly tablet. To know more about various skins visit