In anticipation of two new iPhone models scheduled for release on this Friday, Apple officially released iOS 7 Wednesday. It did not take long for reviews to come in, both from professionals and average users. As is the case with any major change, early reviews are a mixed bag. Some love the direction that Apple is going in with their operating system, while others simply resist change.

Regardless of a person’s personal preference, there are several upgrades that can’t be denied as better. Adding iTunes Radio gives a person a nice alternative to other radio applications. Multitasking and notifications have been improved, which means that a person can stay connected a bit more easily in-between all the different applications they use.

The design obviously is going to get the biggest initial feedback, and many have compared it to Android devices. While there are similarities in design, the change is something that Apple feels will be a good thing going forward. They billed iOS 7 as the biggest update ever overall, so any time you make something look drastically different, initial feedback is going to be mixed.

There are also changes in the way the phone functions. Doing the same gestures people have used in the past now provide slightly different screens. For example, instead of sliding fingers from the side to get to the search screen, a person now slides down. These changes are minimal, but in the first week of release, they are being highlighted by reviewers.

Like any first release of a new operating system, there are some bugs that still need to be worked out. Apple has a team working around the clock to close up anything that might be an issue. As for the operating system itself, odds are it will end up getting pretty favorable reviews overall. It will take some playing around and getting used to for some users, but Apple is confident that the change will keep things fresh.