Rock Band game is an ultimate gaming pack for PSP produced by MTV Games, where one can play their favorite music game, which t is a miracle to people who love Rock bands and who want their band kit with them forever.


This game brings all red, green, yellow, and blue notes that everyone know from the home versions of Rock Band franchise. These notes fall on a specific instrument’s track, you tap them out as they cross the indicator line, where you score massive points. When you’re done with one instrument, you’ll use the shoulder button to scroll to the next one. There are four difficulty levels in this game, ranging from very manageable to blistering fast and complex modes, so players of all skill levels will love this game.


The World tour mode is the fabulous mode in this game, where a player creates four-member band and name it. The player can select variety of clothing options and gear options by purchasing them in Game’s rock shop. One can start playing at small clubs as a beginner and then can propel way to bigger places and earn more fans and money.


The player will be focused on the notes coming down the highway where he will not have time to admire the graphics on the background. This portable Rock Band looks like Rock Band, sounds like Rock Band, which offers an experience that is definitely different from other console games.


These entangling features of Rock Bank Unplugged are a perfect fit for Rock Band lovers which make the game more compelling and effective. Hence if you want or poses the latest PSP and want to buy the best video games with recent history, then you should buy Limited Edition Rock Band Unplugged Entertainment Pack, which is the best Rock Band game ever.