Google+ is a social network that makes sharing on the web a lot simpler and a lot similar to the real world.  Unlike Facebook, it is still new to the scene but it poses a promising existence as compared to the popular Facebook site.  This is not a claim that it will overturn Facebook that easily but Google+ has a lot to be proud of and these are the elements that would make it different from FB.

Google+ is More Personal

When you post something on your wall or when you are tagged by someone from your friends list in Facebook, everyone can see what you are up to or know how you feel.  There is no distinction on who your friends are and who your acquaintances are.  This is not saying that you intend to be anti social in one way or the other but hey, sometimes you just want your real friends to know what you are up to.  Google+ has a feature called “Circles” where you can filter friends from acquaintances.  This is a more personal approach to who you really are and drop a message to your best friends about a planned night out without others knowing about it.

Google+ Sparks your Interests

Google+ has another thing to look out for, it is called Sparks.  What Sparks does is that it delivers streams and feeds of news, blogs and videos that you might be interested in.  You can either share this with your friends or just sit back and go through them when you want to relax and be entertained. This is powered by Google search and social media that will keep you up to date of the things that you want and interested in.

 Google+ Works with other Google Services

If you are using other Google services like Gmail, Picasa and Google Talk, Goolge+ can work with them as it has been programmed to work hand in hand with other Google Services.  You can chat through Gmail or share photos through Picasa while using the Google+ program.

 Google+ is built for Mobile

The Google+ program is compatible to mobile.  It works well on your device since this has been one goal of the makers of this program.  Yes, Facebook can also be accessed through mobile devices but Google+ is made better in every sense of the word.

We can then say that Google+ made everything distinct as compared to Facebook.  Although we know that sooner or later Facebook will also add up similar features from Google+ then you have to decide where you are more comfortable in the end.