Smart phones have come a long way since first being introduced. One of the quickest ways to see how fast technology has changed is to take a look at the type of camera lens (or lenses) on each phone. When first introduced, cell phone cameras were pretty useless other than just taking pictures for fun. These days, customers can take high resolution photos and full HD video.

As high-powered as the cameras on smart phones have become (many over 8 megapixels), some customers are simply not using it to their full advantage. Not only that, but the camera is not being properly protected during daily use. While the backing and even screens of cell phones can take some light scratching, just one scratch or crack on the camera lens can ruin its use.

The biggest advantage to a solid camera on a phone is that it is always with you. People are no longer forced to carry around a dedicated camera to capture every single moment. Many phones also have easy to use instructions, making them excellent point and shoot options without having to know much about cameras at all. Here are a few things to consider with smart phone cameras to get the most out of them.

The closer, the better.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to a camera on a phone is that the zoom options are very limited. That is due to smart phone designers wanting to keep the phone thin. The closer you can get to an object before taking the picture, the better.

Let the auto focus work.

Most smart phones, including the popular iPhone line, have auto focus built into their camera. While auto focus definitely comes in handy, it takes time to find the object to focus on. Shooting a picture too quickly will end up being blurry and worthless.

Use the top applications.

No matter the platform, there are a bunch of free and inexpensive camera applications to enhance the smart phone user experience. Reading reviews and product descriptions is your best bet, although it also helps to test each application out as well. Camera applications can help people crop, fix or enhance both pictures and videos.

Protect the camera (and the phone).

As previously mentioned, cameras on the front and back of a smart phone are great…as long as they work. Every camera lens is going to be somewhat fragile, so protection of some sort is always needed. At Shield Skins, protecting cameras is one of the top priorities. This is why it is so important to purchase a skin designed specifically for a make and model of a smart phone.