Black Friday and Cyber Monday have already passed, but shoppers who are still looking for a smart phone as a gift can still find a deal. Businesses around the United States are constantly battling for consumers, and they will slash prices at random times throughout December to entice shoppers to finally spend their money. Here are a few basic, yet very essential tips to enjoy steep discounts on smart phones well after the two designated sale days everyone seems to focus on.

Think Online, And Offline

Shopping for tech stuff can be done easily online these days, but it is not the only way to find deals. In fact, with trends turning to the internet, the best deals might once again be at stores. Do not just limit yourself to the major retail stores either. Some smaller authorized cell phone retailers will actually end up having the best deals.

Act Quickly

Nearly every person in the United States celebrates some sort of major holiday during the month of December. That means a lot of people are making purchases. Demand on the hottest smart phones such as the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 5 will be high. Customers simply can’t sit on their hands and just hope that a phone can be purchased days before. A discount price will only last a limited time, so be prepared.

Use Social Media Wisely

Word spreads faster than ever when it comes to a good deal, thanks in large part to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social networks. Have a favorite business? Follow them. Know insiders who look for deals already? It is worth following them too, since they will basically do the hard work for you.

Sign Up For Email Lists

Some people might be sick and tired of receiving numerous emails from stores, but this is the best way to learn about last-minute deals. There is always a chance to opt out of the email list once it is no longer useful for a person as well.


Discounts are going to be out there during the holiday season. As long as you identify what it is you want and focus on finding it at a sale price, it will be a happy holiday season when it is all said and done. Go get that iPhone 5, Amazon Kindle, Samsung Galaxy and more at a price below retail.