The experiment with Facebook Home so far has not gone as planned, and the latest blow comes with the announcement of the cancellation of the HTC First. The main selling point for the AT&T phone was that it would be the first device to have Facebook Home pre-installed and integrated on the phone.

According to consumer reports, fewer than 15,000 units have been moved since coming out on April 12th. The poor sales seem to also indicate the rather poor reviews that Facebook Home is receiving. It is not so much the software itself, but rather people just not enjoying the fact that Facebook is so deeply integrated on the phone.

One of the metrics Facebook cited when launching Facebook Home was that people used their phone for the popular website 25% of the time. What seems to be the case is, consumers believe that Facebook Home provides an overdose of Facebook. It is true that the website is fully integrated on the phone, so a person can feel a bit overwhelmed about it all.

Facebook’s plan is to continually update and tweak the software to meet consumer demands. While the initial phone that forced the software on a person appears to be a bust, it could turn into a nice niche software for those who are heavy Facebook users.

Another struggle the company is working with is keeping early software adopters around. Downloads have not been that big of an issue, but keeping them as active users can be difficult. The software is a work in progress, and those using it should treat it as such. Unfortunately, it appears as though the struggles of Facebook Home early on have killed the HTC First. The next step for Facebook is to try and rebound from a disastrous start to work on a quality product people can easily use.