Ever since smartphones first started becoming the norm, companies have had quite a few durability issues. After all there is a reason why the majority of people who buy phones also purchase a cover, shield or other type of protection right away. The question is, just how much do cell phone companies care about durability?

The demand for cutting edge technology on a small, portable device means that there are quite a few working parts that can go wrong. From drops to simple water damage, a person pretty much has to have protection of some sort to make sure their phone survives.

Companies have most people locked into two year plans, which means that a phone only has to make it through 24 months of wear and tear. It is easy to see why more companies are letting case and shield companies take care of the durability issues, rather than adding bulk to the phone right out of the box.

Shield skins is one of the leading providers of durability shields for all types of phones, offering invisible, lightweight casing to protect all parts of the phone. There are more durable options for heavy duty use, but the options available on this site allow people to protect their phone while still being able to showcase the design of the phone in general. It also fits better in a user’s hand because no significant bulk is added.

Apple, Samsung and other leading brands know that no two people are alike when it comes to protecting their phones, so there is no motivation to add additional protection features for the phone. Some people are careful enough that they will never need a case, while others could go through multiple phones a year. Third-party guards for smart phones are here to stay, and people advancements will continually be rolled out to benefit customers all over the world.