Cowon D2 Player is a media player which is manufactured by Cowon Systems, a South Korean consumer electronic company. Most of the players brought one by Cowon are feature-rich, highly innovative and posses a good quality.

Cowon D2 Player : Features of  Cowon D2 Player

Cowon D2 player is the first ultra portable video player with touch screen. These players are well-known for their designs; this Cowon D2 Player comes with Touch-screen PMP along with its stylish design it also supports 16 million colors.

With its latest innovations in the digital multimedia, it provides an incredible quality over video and audio. It  supports QVGA 320×240, 30fps video files and audio codec like FLAC, OGG, APE, etc,. Cowon D2 players supports direct search feature which allows the user to move instantly to the position that is clicked on while playing music or video.

It has a long-lasting rechargeable battery by which one can watch 10 hours of movie and over 52 hours of music can be played with a single charge. The most important feature is that this Cowon D2 player can be charged via USB cable or also through standard wall adaptor.

Cowon D2 player come with built-in SD card by which one can transfer files freely from/to other digital devices like digital camera, PDA and more. Cowon player accessory like multi-purpose touch-pen can be used as a pointer and also as a kickstand for extended viewing.

So, if anyone who wants a tiniest player with best screen quality, extended battery life, and good memory, then the only solution that I can suggest is this Cowon D2 player, which is the best, cost-effective, stylish players and that, which can’t be compared with other players.