One of the biggest rumors surrounding the upcoming release of the iPhone 5s is that Apple will finally offer a different option other than black and white. For some people, this has been a long time coming to allow customers to have a slightly different look with their phone. With prior releases, customers were forced to find a case or other type of protection to add color. Now that Apple will reportedly offer a Champagne/gold color (and possibly other options), will more people seek out invisible protection such as what is offered here at Shield Skins?

Customers who decide to opt for the new color will more than likely want to show off this new look. The last thing someone wants to do is buy a Champagne/gold iPhone 5s and then immediately put a black case around it. With options like those available through Shield Skins, people will be able to show off the new look without having to sacrifice durability.

Due to the bad reputation invisible shields received at the beginning, many people are hesitant to give something so thin and light a chance to protect a huge investment. Thanks to this new color launch, people might finally be willing to give invisible shields another shot. This will allow customers to see how far the technology has come since the first iPhone release back in 2007.

There have been rumors that the iPhone would come in different colors for quite some time, but due to the recent leaks of images from various websites, it looks as though at least one new color is about to be released. While a Champagne/gold color might not be for everyone, it will be a different look for those looking to spice things up a bit. The release should be overall a positive experience for companies like Shield Skins as well, since customers will be able to show off the phone in its entirety without the fear of scratching or breaking it during daily use.;