Options are always good, and Apple iPhone users now have the option once again to use Google Maps as a separate download, or the Apple Maps application already included on all iOS 6 devices. Now that people have had a chance to play around with both options, what are pros and cons of each?

Starting with iOS 6, many Apple iPhone users were initially disappointed with the removal of Google Maps. Apple used Google’s version of Maps since launching the first iPhone, but the company was finally ready to release their own in-house version of a maps and navigation system.

The only issue was, upon the initial release, many users experienced inaccurate and incomplete data, poor routes, low quality images and more when using Apple Maps. While many improvements have been made, that initial impression it made on people was too much for them to handle.

This move to an incomplete application was seen as a rare mistake from the calculated Apple company. They even made a public apology that the release was not up to “Apple standards.” They have worked nonstop on improvements to catch up with what Google Maps now offers, but for some, the damage has been done.

Regardless of which application works best for a user’s individual needs, at the end of the day customers are seeing the most benefit. This is because with Google and Apple now forming a bit of a rivalry as far as innovations go, constant updates will be given to people when they become available. Things such as voice navigation were not available on Apple products until iOS 6, and improved 3D views were also rather limited.

The error in judgement by Apple initially might have caused some bad publicity, but both Google Maps and Apple Maps have their own unique features that make both of them stand out. Google probably still has the best overall package on the market, but judging Apple’s history, they will do whatever possible to keep pace with the innovators.