Apple might not have been the first, but since releasing its first iPad in 2010, the company has slowly taken complete control of the tablet market. With the addition of the iPad Mini, competitors are finding it tougher and tougher to break into the market.

Microsoft is the latest company to discover the harsh realities of going up against the iPad. Despite aggressive advertising that took direct shots at what the Apple iPad is unable to do, the company was forced to severely cut the prices of both the Surface RT and Surface Pro options.

Competition in any field is always necessary, but companies continue to try and (generally) fail when tackling the iPad head-to-head. Amazon’s approach, which is more or less to be an alternative rather than a true competitor, seems to be the best way to go at this point. HP and Motorola are just a couple of the other companies that have experienced what Microsoft has gone through with this release.

The Surface RT 32 GB will now sell for $349.99, which provides customers with a much cheaper alternative to what Apple is offering. Since Microsoft has sold just over a million of the Surface RTs, making up the difference with a slash in prices seems a bit unreasonable.

Apple has received a lot of praise for both their iPad and iPad Minis, but the Microsoft commercials did go after some of their most glaring shortcomings. However, the company has discovered that consumers are willing to overcome those shortcomings if the alternative does not provide an improved user experience. The ecosystem with iTunes, not to mention the universal iOS with phones and tablets make the iPad a popular choice. As Microsoft can now tell any company willing to listen, it will take a superb effort to take a chunk out of the tablet sales that Apple is enjoying.