As the summer officially kicks off, more and more rumors are coming in regarding the upcoming refreshes of the iPhone and iPad. One of the rumors gaining steam is the opportunity to buy a device in a color other than the standard white and black.

While Apple has continually been on the cutting edge as far as design goes on their flagship products, one thing the company has been reluctant on is offering much variety in colors. With cases and shields so popular, it makes sense. However, offering these new colors would be great for people who use covers and shields like the ones offered here on Shield Skins. Since everything is clear, a person can easily show off the new color they have for their device without having to buy a bulky cover to get a color different from white, silver and black.

This latest new color option is just the latest one to really hit the rumor mill surrounding the upcoming refreshes for the iPhone and iPad. As is the case every summer, things are starting to heat up as people anticipate a new device with new features to enjoy. One of the hottest rumors is that Apple will be coming out with a low cost iPhone. If unique colors are offered for the iPad mini and iPhone 5s, then chances are they will also be available for the low cost iPhone.

With the designs staying relatively the same, many welcome the opportunity to get some new color choices. It will be interesting to see how sales go when it comes to new colors, as people may end up opting for the cleaner, basic look instead that they have grown accustomed to. It will be a risk from Apple, but one they are probably comfortable taking at this stage.