Facebook has made a success with the games tied up with it like FarmVille and other third party games.  It has become quite a hit for most Facebook users and it also opens a little bit of cooperation for friends online since there are instances that a game may need a user to request for help from his circle of friends.

Before FarmVille though, there was this very popular game among PC users entitled Civilization.  It is a strategy game made by the popular Sid Meier. The game was launched in 1991 and hit instant success.  Due to its popularity it was adapted to game consoles in 2008.  The main goal of the game is for the player to build a successful civilization in the span of a thousand years.

Civilization’s adaptation for Facebook is entitled Civ World.  The gameplay is more of a cooperative game rather than a single player experience.  Friends play hand in hand to develop a civilization through diplomacy,  scientific discoveries, economics and other essential factors to come up with a strong civilization through the ages.

Similar to other Facebook games, Civ World is free.  It earns by selling virtual components of the game like armies and advanced weapons that can help a civilization climb up the ladder of advancement.  There is a daily limit however for the money spent in the game for it to be more enjoyable because it is not only on spending money that one can win a game.

The best thing about Civ World is that it is not like FarmVille that bombards you with posts on what your friends have achieved through the game which may be very annoying at times.  It goes to show that this game is not the run-of-the-mill type of game that you encounter every day.  This game makes you think and decide carefully on every move that you make.  The game took about 18 months to be developed, which is a short period for a traditional game but a long time for a standard Facebook game which clearly shows that a lot of details and new things are to be expected from this game adaptation.

The game can be played by up to 200 people.  The setting starts in the ancient times and goes on beyond the space age.  Each participant starts with his own city and may cooperate with other players to join a civilization.  The players can then embark on cooperative quests like discoveries and create world wonders and finally can vote to attack another civilization while defending their own.

The game is at its early stages of development and observation yet it is really a very different game as compared to what Facebook already has.