Blackberry has recently announced that they will be offering their messaging service for the first time ever on other smartphone devices. Both iOS and Android will get the BBM app, set to debut sometime late this summer. The question is, can this release really help benefit Blackberry in the long run?

It wasn’t too long ago that Blackberry was on top of the smartphone world with their different offerings to customers. The Canadian-based company has gone down in popularity lately, now accounting for just 3.7% of smartphone usage in the world. Adding applications to be used on iOS and Android will give over 60% of all smartphone users a chance to use the messaging service.

After working on it for over two years, the beta version has recently been sent out to select developers on both the Android and iOS platform. By creating an application that can bring everyone together, Blackberry is hoping to get back some of that momentum that they had in the past.

Still to be determined is how a person will log into their account. In the past, BBM has used an eight character hexadecimal identification number that each device is uniquely given upon activation. This new way of connecting might be a bit messy at first, but chances are it will get ironed out prior to release.

All in all, fans of Blackberry and the BBM setup will be happy to know that it can be used on other devices as well. Android and iOS continue to be the dominant forces when it comes to smartphones right now, but the BBM service can find its own niche. After developing the app for over two years, the company is hoping to really make a splash. A robust application could also encourage people to once again consider a Blackberry in the future as well.