Mobile media is a well-known word to all mobile users, this player is used to play music as well as watch video that are stored in your mobile. Now-a-days this media player is becoming more and more popular due to the widespread use of WiFi technology.


There are a lot number of media players which could be found and downloaded easily through the internet for free. Here are some of the media players that I found over the net and seem to be more useful too. Let’s see them, now;


1). Real Player: It is a two-in-one player, where you can watch movies as well as listen to your favorite songs. This players can even display your photos in the best suitable way.


2). VPlayer: This players is so versatile which can be kept on SD cards too, This media player can play all major video formats.


3). RockPlayer Lite: This is an ad-supported media player which can be stored or moved to SD card too.


4). Arc Media: This media player supports wide variety of video formats like AVI, DIVX, MOV, XVID, etc,.


5). Act 1 Video Player:  This is mainly designed for iPhone devices which can also play MP4 files which can be moved to SD cards.


You can find lot more media players over the internet. Download it and enjoy your life by watching your favorite movies and songs.