A smartphone is a wonderful tool which offers a large number of features to the users either it may be for professional use or for personal use. Some of the top-most smart phones that are available in today’s market are Blackberry, Apple, HTC, Nokia, Palm, Samsung, etc,. Each of these smartphones is well-known for their functionalities and gaming options.

One of the main aspects of iPhone is the Gaming capability which is an adventurous one as well as a casual time-killer application that all iPhone posses. There are about tens of thousand of  iphone games that can be found in internet, but the bad thing is that they all are merely demo versions of a paid iphone games. With the advancement of technology one can play games solely or play interactively through Bluetooth connections.

Iphone games :Below are few Top rated iphone games that I prefer

1). Jetpack Joyride: This game is developed by Halfbrick Studios, the famous creator of Fruit Ninja game where Barry Steakfire breaks through the secret laboratory to commandeer the experimental jetpacks from the dutches of science evildoers.
2). Real Racing: This is a full-fledged realistic car game that has three modes – quick race, time trial and cup championship and is undoubtedly the best arcade game ever.
3). Tiny Tower: This is a resource-management games used to build a tower with complete floors, eateries, shops, etc,.
4). PacMan Championship: This is a old PacMan iphone games with new  versions that contains bonus fruits, eating of small dots, etc,.
5). Cut The Rope : This is one of the most successful commercial games which has 75 levels where the user uses the rope cutter to cut the ropes with various seasons and levels.

One can find even more great iphone games; the only thing is that you should be ready to pay some cash for the iphone games chosen. So want your favorite iphone games just browse the internet and you will find lot of  iphone games for free, so go ahead and find the one you want now!!!!