Nintendo is a world-wide famous game-related machine, which has manufactured a great number of gaming device that are popular in animation industry. This Nintendo DS Lite is one of the premium products of Nintendo which was released on March 2006. It is much lighter and sleeker than its previous version Nintendo DS.

Gaming device :Nintendo DS Lite over Nintendo DS

This gaming device is very popular among children and youngsters because they can take this console wherever they want to go because this Nintendo DS Lite unlike other hand-held gaming device folds in your hand. It comes with dual color screen which is good and bright as an LCD television screen and is very sensitive to touch.

The battery life can be saved by adjusting the brightness of the screen which is not found in other gaming device. This device is available in seven colors along with dual screen actions. The wireless communication technology in this gaming device permits the user to connect with 16 gamers on a local wireless network. It also has built-in microphones, which allows the users to interact with the game environment in a new way.

The gaming device for this DS Lite are of decent graphic quality which is slightly better than the Playstation 1. The clamshell design of the DS Lite protects the device from scratches and marks.

The various accessories that can be used along with this gaming device console are Rumble Pak, Nintendo DS Headset, Nintendo DS Browser, Nintendo Wi-Fi USB, Slide controller, Camera, Paddle controller, etc,.

By the end of 2007-08, the shipment of this device has reached up to 51.78 million pieces around the world and is absolutely the most favorite gaming device for peoples of all ages.

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