This game play consist of 2D scrolling levels which is set in Futuristic Metro City that mainly focuses on beat and shoot-em-up combat in playing platform. This game is all about a young robot that has incredible powers developed by a clever scientist. This robot is endowed with super strength, speed, flights and butt machine guns.

 Game: instructions of Astro Boy PSP Game

In this game, the player becomes the iconic hero Astro Boy and takes to the streets and skies on an epic adventure to save Metro City from the clutches of the evil President Stone and his robot army. Using an intuitive combat system, the players who play this game will experience classic platform action and exhilarating flight combat levels as they use Astro’s unique rocket boosters to avoid enemies.

This game can be played in the single player mode and multi-player mode, with the second player being another Astro Boy. The player has four super abilities to choose from which temporarily freezes opponents and destroys any missiles heading Astro Boy. This game offers many unlockable and collectible elements that include exclusive art work, different versions of Astro Boy.

Playing this Astro Boy Action games with the powers of the Robot gives the user an unremarkable experience if played with their friends and appears to be more suited for handheld formats.