Are you the owner of smartphone? Are you a person who want an ideal care for your handset? Then go through this article, which helps you choose the right case for your mobile by explaining its various types and usages.

A phone cover is not only a stylish one but it is functional one that protects your mobile from scratch, dust, etc,. Below are various types of skins that are well protective and useful for each and everyone who owns a cell phone.

Different types of Mobile Cases:

1). Soft Skin Covers: These cases are usually made up of rubber, silicon or a thin sheet of plastic  which comes in different sizes and colors and that which could be removed easily without causing any damages to your precious one.
2). Face Plate Covers: These cases are similar to skins which is a stylish one that comes in different designs and colors.
3). Neoprene Cases: It is a type of synthetic rubber which protects the edges of cell phone from water, oil and other liquid solutions.
4). Leather Cases: This is the most popular cases that is available in cell phone market. This comes various sizes and models which fits perfectly with your mobile.
5). Novelty Design Covers: This cover is a stylish one which can be presented as a gift to someone whom you love so much. These are well-protective too.
6). Water-Resistant Covers: These covers are made-up of thin plastic material, which helps you to protect your mobile phone from water and oil damages.
7). Wrist Pouches: These covers are personally developed for people who forget things often, these pouches can be attached to your wrist and carry your phone wherever you go.

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