Apple has recently released iPad 2.  As expected, a lot of people bought the product and the world in general submitted to the iPad fever.  Yes there are new features, tweaks and minor evolutions from the first iPad to the second version.  Most people were happy and Apple was happy as well.

There are however a number of rumors that another iPad 3 will come out before the end of the year.  Well, this is not a surprise! Just like what happened during the time when iPad 2 was under construction, the information of its existence already leaked on the mainstream and remained as a welcomed rumor until iPad 3 was finally out.

iPad 3: Advantages of ipad3

Apple could never silence everyone that they are working with.  Suppliers that the company has been gathering parts from seem to share the good news to interested people. Well, this leak is also the source of the information about the iPhone 5 coming out soon which is a rumor that has been around for quite some time.

If this rumor is true then this is going to be the first time that Apple will be releasing 2 identical products in one year.  This might be an advantage for some consumers but a big question mark for others.  Imagine choosing between a new iPad 3  and a new iPhone? This move is quite negative for any form of business as conflict of interest may arise and the market may be divided.

The iPad 2 came out with a lot of new things in store for the iPad user.  It has become thinner but more powerful.  With these improvements it has become faster and more reliable in every sense of the word.  Advanced OS, video mirroring, streaming, wireless printing, wifi and 3g, anything that you can think of in a tablet.

Since the rumors of an iPad 3 are out in the open, we cannot help but wonder what improvements have they done to the upcoming new tablet?  What do you think should Apple include in the new iPad 3? What do you want removed?  What accessories should come with the unit?

Please feel free to leave your comments and share your thoughts on this matter and it might be fun that what we have thought about here may really be part of the new iPad 3…iPad 3 connectivity gives another surprise to everyone.iPad 3 protection is vital in preserving the appearance of your device. Daily use exposes the tablet to factors that can permanently damage the screen, sides and back of the device.One protection that people, who want to keep the appearance of their device unchanged, choose is the clear screen protector. This kind of protection, when installed properly, is hardly noticeable. This custom designed protection fits the iPad 3 perfectly.