Whether people liked it or not, when the Samsung Galaxy S III hit the market, all the buzz was around the 4.8-inch screen. Bumped up from previous models, many mocked Samsung for making what some considered a tablet instead of a phone.

However, later in 2012, Apple released an iPhone with a bigger screen, and rumors are starting to swirl that there could be another increase in the future. With two of the biggest smart phone companies in the world increasing screen size, is the jumbo screen trend now official?

Phones and tablets seem to currently be on a collison course at some point in time in the near future. The 7″ tablets for most companies are proving to be more popular than the 9″ tablets, while phone screens under 4″ are considered by many to be too small to operate. A bigger phone at times might be considered counterproductive, but the major reason why people are wanting a bigger display is that the actual “phone” part is less and less important.

Consumers are looking for mini-computers where they can consume media and information on the go. if the device can be kept in a purse or pocket, it is small enough for the majority of people. Screen technology also makes small screens really show clarity for reading text, watching movies and more.

Screen size is always going to be up for debate, but when the top companies continue to make them bigger, they have to be looking at how consumers are reacting. Both the Samsung Galaxy III and the iPhone 5 have both set records for demand and sales. As long as they can still fit in the hands of a person, they can be used with ease as a phone. Of course, texting, browsing and watching videos are arguably more important for the average consumer as well. It seems like just the other day that the race was to see who could make the smallest phone, but the trend now is going in the opposite direction for top of the line options.