After holding out since launching the original iPhone, Apple is now prepared to officially launch a trade-in program through their retailers to help boost sales. Partnering with recycling company Brightstar, the phones will be sent to emerging companies while those upgrading will get all of the latest featured offered with the newest technologies.

The one drawback Apple was seeing with their iPhone was that more and more people were not upgrading yearly or even every two years. Instead, a solid amount of users were holding onto their phone until something went wrong and it was not usable. Since the iPhone is built to last, some are still actively using the iPhone 3GS, which launched four years ago.

By offering an in store trade-in program, many customers will be more enticed to upgrade because the initial cost will not be as high. Depending on the phone being traded in, people can save significant money by upgrading, and they will also avoid any hassles of selling it independently in a variety of ways.

The trade-in program has been around for a while for Apple, but it was mostly hidden and rarely discussed on their official website. Simply put, the company did not make it a priority since sales and standard upgrades were prominent. Now, Apple is hoping that convenience will play a factor into people wishing to upgrade as they trade in their phones on the spot.

After the news was announced, several people voiced their opinion on the topic, stating that they can sell for more money directly on websites such as Craigslist and eBay. While this is always going to be the case (cutting out the middle man), many people will find that Apple’s program is much less of a hassle and something that can be done while purchasing the new phone.